I collect, restore, and show antique tractors and engines.  These engines are called "hit and miss" and also "flywheel engines".  Some old-timers have even called them "one lungers".
I've been actively collecting engines and tractors since 1967.

The above picture is a sample of the type of playing that the big boys do at our club meets. This picture just happens be at our meet held in June 1998.
I first got interested in these engines by hearing my father talking about his boyhood experiences growing up in rural Alabama.

I'm married 27 yrs. now to a most wonderful gal. I have 2 grown sons and a grown daughter. 4 grandsons and 2 grand daughters; ages 6 thru 19. Two of the grandsons live next door and they "help" grandpa play with his tractors. My wife and I belong to the Florida Flywheelers Antique Tractor and Engine Club. Two of my brothers and I host a club monthly meet here at our family homestead. This year it was in April. Of course our wives help! We have a great time!
I also like to fly small airplanes! I have logged time in J3 Piper Cub, Piper 140, Cessna 150,172,175 & 177RG airplanes and have time in ultra light aircraft. I own two Cessna 172's; a 1958 straight tail and a 1960 sweept tail. Both are down for extensive restoration.

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